Drei lächelnde, glückliche Familienmitglieder (Vater, Mutter, Tochter) bei einer Wanderung in den Tiroler Alpen an einem sonnigen Tag.


Up to the summit meeting!

Mountains full of experiences

Luckily there are so many mountains around the LISI. Because with us in the family, everyone has their own head when it comes to the perfect family vacation. Mom would like to trudge into the mountains with her hiking boots while Dad saddles his bike. And of course, we children want to jump into one of the fresh mountain lakes right away. Either way, we always agree on a great trip into nature.

Because the grass mountains around the LISI with their distinctive network of trails prove to be a real paradise for us. Over 1,000 kilometres of well-maintained trails are available. Together we discover colourful flower meadows, wide alpine pastures, the gentle Kitzbühel grass mountains and the rugged Wilder Kaiser.

Mountain hiking with grandma and grandpa

With grandma and grandpa, hiking in the summer is a real experience. In the blink of an eye the mountain railways take us up to the top, where we let the fresh alpine air blow our noses and guess the names of the distant peaks. On the many hiking trails, we may discover a chamois or possibly a marmot. And afterwards we look forward to a hearty snack on a rustic mountain hut. Because it's true: the mountain air makes you hungry like a bear.