An unforgettable

Your 4 star hotel in Tyrol for families with children


The Lisi family hotel for exploreres and adventures

Mom says we are in a  4 star hotel so the accommodation is as beautiful as the region. And the region is called Tyrol - the mountain meadows smell and bloom, ice-cold mountain streams ripple past and we do not know the ringing of distant cowbells from home ... She also says that the holiday experiences in the LISI Family Hotel are sure to leave a lasting impression on us be left behind.

Papa says he can already see the lasting impression. On our dirty feet when we come back to the hotel barefoot and beaming with joy.

I think they're both right.


Sustainability during 4-star comfort? That's fine!

The other day at the LISI Family Hotel I asked the childcare worker: "Why is everything made of wood here?". She said because we do not use plastic as much as possible here in the hotel. "It not only looks better, it is also more sustainable." Mom then explained to me that sustainable behavior helps us to enjoy the beautiful Tyrolean nature with our family later on.

I like to play with the wooden toys here in the hotel anyway. And I also like that you use towels several times or that there are no packed jams or yoghurts on the breakfast buffet. It's great that a 4 star hotel is so sustainable!


High quality, comfortable and in harmony with nature

When I came into the room for the first time, I was amazed. Everything is so bright and friendly, the furniture is made of wood, and the mattresses are really comfortable. Dad says it's still real craftsmanship, rustic and natural. "You don't see that often anymore." We stayed in the family suite, but there is also a double room superior or junior suite.

The price is said to have been really good. Mama whistled happily when we left the reception when we left. "Not bad for a 4 star hotel. Next time we'll take one of your package deals again," she said.

Rooms & suites


4 star hotel with Tyrolean children's program

Everything here is great, but what I like best about the LISI Family Hotel is the children's program. The KIDS supervisors often take us out into the Tyrolean Alps for biking or hiking. I've already seen a waterfall, animals and great landscapes. Excursions to nearby attractions are also common, but sometimes we stay at the hotel and play golf, other sports, or prepare a magic show for our parents. It always depends ... There is a different program every week.

If you don't feel like a program, just let off steam in the colourful world of experience in the hotel. By the way, from winter 2019 the LISI World will open - perhaps the most action-packed area of ​​the whole 4 star hotel. I'm looking forward to it!

Children & family

Healthy, sustainable and it tastes - the kitchen in LISI

"Good cuisine makes every vacation even better," my dad likes to say and I think I know what he means. The food at the LISI Family Hotel is always delicious and I look forward to every meal. The weather in Tyrol can also be bad. Already at breakfast there are so many delicacies that I don't even know what to eat first. In any case, I get a freshly squeezed juice every morning. There is also a great selection for us children at lunchtime and in the evening, while mom and dad enjoy gourmet dishes and international creations in the best organic quality.


Wellness & bathing fun in Tyrol

It occurs to me that I haven't even mentioned the pools, although I jump in there so often. There is one inside and one outside. Mum and dad mostly watch at the side, but sometimes they also relax in the 800 m² SPA and wellness area. Then the child minders take care that we are fine in the water. 

Wellness area & pools